He Ain't Heavy
Thursday, Apr 19, 2012 8:15 PM
Green Hills Cinema - Theater 3

Director Jeff Obafemi Carr
USA / 115 min.

An explosive, fly-on-the-wall look into the ultra-secretive world of hazing in a prestigious African-American fraternity. Through an intense process of interview and selection, five young college students are thrust together and introduced to the underground world of physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological trial-by-fire that is the pledging process. A graduate film student, Thomas "Doc" Hayes, using digital video, cell phones, and campus security cameras, compiles a behind-the-scenes look at the pledge process for the inner-circle of the chapter to reflect on for fun. All seems to be going well until one fateful morning, when one of the pledges collapses and dies, threatening to expose secrets that have been tightly held for generations. When Doc is threatened by the brotherhood, what began as project to support black fraternity life suddenly becomes the tool that may very well dismantle the system forever. This found footage feature exposes rituals that have never before been captured on film. Based on true events. WORLD PREMIERE.