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Dirty Girl
Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 7:00 PM
A raucous, feel-good road-trip film, Dirty Girl follows the travails of teenager Danielle (Juno Temple) on a cross-country adventure in search of love, family and identity. Danielle, who’s garnered every naughty moniker imaginable for herself, is loved and hated in equal parts in her conventional small-town for her totally blasé morality. Whether knocking boots with her latest conquest in the high school parking lot or parading through the hallways in killer hot pants, she injects fresh irreverence into the bad girl theme. But after raising her hand in class and offending her teachers and peers one time too many, Danielle is forced into the remedial education program. To her dismay, she’s paired with overweight outcast Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) for a parenting project, and plummets on the social ladder. Clarke is grappling with his own roster of issues, not least of which is his not-so-latent homosexuality, which his father will never accept.
Dir. Abe Sylvia, 2010, USA, 99 mins.
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Admission Film - $20.00

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