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Hannah and the Hasbian
Sunday, Oct 16, 2011 1:00 PM
Intimate, funny and superbly acted by three women all with impeccable comedic timing, this Aussie movie takes an interesting approach in exploring what happens when one-half of a lesbian couple decides she's no longer a lesbian and embarks on a search for "Mr. Right Now." As the film opens, reserved Hannah nonchalantly finds out over a bowl of cereal that Breigh, the love of her life, is just not into the whole girl thing anymore. Now, Breigh is embracing life as a hasbian and is ready to date men. But soon Breigh is faced with the harsh reality: dating men is not as easy as it seems. Instead of dealing with women, she has to deal with men, and men are notorious for sending mixed signals. Follow these hilarious Aussies Hannah, the straight girl turned lesbian, Breigh, the hasbian, and their foul-mouthed flat mate Dinka as Breigh’s wingman, in the immediate search for the non-existent (?) Mr. Right.
Dir. Gordon Napier, 2011, Australia, 72 mins.
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