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Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 6:00 PM
Rikki Beadle-Blair (Metrosexuality, Kick Off) drags us into a gritty and passionate realm, where nothing is rational and there seems to be gray. BLACK - GAY - STRAIGHT - WHITE. Can any man truly empathize with another? JJ is a talented and idealistic rapper who lusts to be a part of London’s raggae bashment music scene. A black rap crew including KKK (Krazy Kop Killa), Venom and an honorary white thug named White Fang, vigorously despises JJ for his race, but more profoundly for being shamelessly queer. Orlando, JJ’s boyfriend, is the easy target for this contempt. A lily white, public defender and himself a gay bashing victim must advocate for Orlando’s brutal attackers while trying to assuage his guilt for betraying his brothers. JJ grapples with whether his beloved music genre is a medium for unity or a catalyst for hatred. Perhaps souls can change as inexplicably as the circumstances that once defined them.
Rikki Beatle Blair, 2010, U.K., 110 mins.
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Admission Film - $12.00

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