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Friday, Oct 21, 2011 5:00 PM
Morgan is a young, handsome, athletic, gay New Yorker who also happens to be wheelchair-bound. Long after losing his bartending job he continues to ignore that he’s living beyond his means. Doesn’t he deserve that $4,000 custom bike that he’s been coveting for the upcoming race? His doting mother and a best girlfriend, Lane, are supportive and won’t enable his irresponsible behavior. Horny and lonely for male companionship, Dean, a new mate he meets at the basketball court, should satisfy some of these longings. Dean’s a legger, a term Morgan coined for people who can walk. After the accident in the New York Haven Cycle Race, Morgan’s life changed. His wheelchair has cramped his style some, but Morgan’s bravado is charismatic. Things start to go out of control when Morgan takes off on another kind of crash course.
Dir. Michael Akers, 2011, USA, 89 mins.
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Admission Film - $12.00

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