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Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 7:00 PM
In case you did not figure it out from the cute title, these are shorts for women. With a variety of styles, moods and themes these shorts are sure to please.
Total running time: 103 min.
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Admission Film - $12.00

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Days before her deployment to Afghanistan, Joey comes home to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas with dreams of running away to Canada, Will she do it?  Will she make the trek alone?

Dir. Deb Shoval, 2011, USA, 14 min.


Lust Life

Caught between what was and what could be, a woman who has lost her lust for life in the world’s most passionate city takes a chance.  Sexy, intimate and with mood and atmosphere to burn, the film brims with passion just like the setting.

Dir. Lynda Tarryk, 2011, USA, 2011, 9 min.


Cried Suicide

Heartbroken over an ex-girlfriend, Jay is desperate for attention and fakes a suicide attempt. When she returns home with her best friend Jen, they are visited by their well-meaning friends who don't know Jay was faking and offer their own condolences in the form of tears, food, and even porn.

Dir. Lauren Palmigiano, 2010, USA, 14 min.



Two girls ride a Ferris wheel, discussing its symbolism and how the ride reflects the cyclicity of romantic relationships: the initial excitement, the climactic peak, and the inevitable decline/end. As the wheel turns, they identify and visualize the corresponding stages of a romantic relationship.

Dir. Jason Knade, 2011, USA, 11 min.



Unexpected news threatens the success of Katarina’s surprise birthday party.  Sara’s not sure she can make it through the day she’s worked so hard to plan for her wife.

Dir. Jenifer Malmqvist, 2010, Sweden/Poland, 18 min. in Swedish with English subtitles


Slow Burn

In this hyper-stylized western set against a winterscape, a mysterious girl with a criminal past wants to make a fresh start and decides to symbolize this decision by getting her very first tattoo.  She meets two tattoo artists who are immediately smitten with her, and in the time-honored tradition of the western, the artists battle each other in a duel for the right to design the tattoo.

Dir. Christine Chew, 2011, Canada, 13 min.



Shot in gorgeous black and white and with mood to spare, the film follows a mysterious street flyer that leads to a surprising discovery.

Dir. Laura Terruso, 2011, Canada, 4 min.


Tech Support

A young woman recently dumped by her girlfriend gets extra special attention when her tech support call is answered by a lonely romantic in this sexy comedic short.

Dirs. Erik Gernand and Jenny Hagel, 2010, USA, 9 min.


The Slope

The Slope is a comedy series that follows the lives of a lesbian couple navigating their way through modern-day Park Slope, Brooklyn.  One year into their relationship, Ingrid and Desiree continue to hash out a power dynamic that ends up making them look homophobic, superficial and ultimately, perfect for one another.  We are excited screen the first three episodes interspersed throughout the shorts program:


Episode 1: Miserable Animals

Desiree and Ingrid argue over which one of them is gayer


Episode 2: Pretty People

Who's better looking? Desiree and Ingrid use a not-so-innocent bystander to prove who's more attractive


Episode 3: Queer Programming

Ingrid and Desiree have a heated debate about the sexuality food chain after Desiree gets a phone call from her transgender pal, Dan

Dirs. Desiree Akhavan & Ingrid Jungermann, 2011, USA, 12 min. (3 episodes at 4 min each)