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Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 9:00 PM
What do you do when the law says you cannot adopt a child? The answer is found in this first Danish-Brazilian co-production ever. As a single gay man in Denmark, broody homosexual Thomas has been refused the right to adopt, simply due to his sexual orientation. After this disappointment, he goes on holiday in Sao Paulo, not only to visit his friend Jakob, but also to examine the shadier possibilities for fulfilling his dreams of having a child. He is soon caught up in a series of delicate situations, not least of which is of the moral kind, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are easily transacted for a stolen child. In Brazil Thomas meets the beautiful, charming and pregnant Maria, who is willing to give up her unborn child in lieu of payment. Soon Thomas finds himself drawn into a muddy cocktail of confidence, distrust, pure business and true feelings.
Dir. Carlos Augusto de Oliveira, Denmark/Brazil, 2011, 90 mins. in Danish, Portugese and English with English subtitles
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Admission Film - $12.00

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