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Thursday, Oct 20, 2011 9:30 PM
Brewster, a trucker hauling a load of coffins to a funeral home, picks up Cary and Vogel, a hitchhiking gay couple prone to bickering and impromptu lovemaking. While Cary and Brewster don’t exactly hit it off, Vogel is hot for the trucker and those feelings just may be reciprocated. But all hell breaks loose when Brewster’s truck breaks down in a deserted junkyard, leaving them stranded there when night falls and they find out, to their horror, that those coffins aren’t empty. Will the threesome be able to survive until morning or will they fall victim to the tricks of the blood-thirsty vampires, whose numbers increase as the gory body count rises? See some nifty new ways to outwit and destroy a vampire in this bloody, funny and sexy addition to the Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries craze. And for fans of the 1985 classic, Fright Night, you won’t want to miss an appearance by Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) as Brewster’s undead brother.
Dir. Mark Bessenger, 2011, USA, 84 mins.
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Admission Film - $12.00

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