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Friday, Oct 14, 2011 7:15 PM
Adapted from Sarah Waters’ prize-winning novel, The Night Watch is an achingly beautiful cyclone of missed connections. This film moves back in time, from post-war 1947 to 1944 to 1941, revealing a web of connection among a group on society’s fringe. Duncan, spent his wartime in jail, lusting after his rakish cellmate, but he can’t seem to free himself from his time behind bars. His sister, Viv, is looking for love with a married man, while trying to forget the ways he has betrayed her. Viv’s coworker, Helen, works as a matchmaker, but a past love triangle with two women threatens her happiness. And Kay spends her time wandering London’s war-torn streets, pulled back to her time as a heroic ambulance driver during the Blitz. Kay’s ex, Julia, is ever more present in her life, especially when Kay runs into a stranger she aided during the war. While so many around them find relief in peace, these outsiders are stranded without purpose.
Dir. Richard Laxton, 2011, UK, 90 mins.
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