Sneak Preview: Scaffolding


JCC Riemer-Goldstein TheaterSat, Nov 11, 2017 9:15 PM Event Date Passed  
Film Info
Director(s):Matan Yair
Running Time:93 minutes
Type of Film:Narrative


17-year-old Asher (Asher Lax) has always been a troublemaker in school. He can't concentrate in class and is compelled by rage and violence, yet he is undeniably charming and street-smart. While his father, Milo (Yaacov Cohen, Encirclements), expects him to take over the family's scaffolding construction business, Asher finds a different male role model in his gentle literature teacher, Rami, and forges a special connection with him. Torn between his father's expectations and a world of books and ideas, Asher searches for a chance at a new life and new identity. When a sudden tragedy occurs, he faces the ultimate test of maturity. Based on the director's own experience as a teacher and starring one of his students in a breakout role, Scaffolding has screened at top Festival's around the world including Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival.

Ami Smolartchik won the 2017 Ophir Award for Best Supporting Actor