Film Info
Director(s):Jennifer Brea
Country:United States
Running Time:97 minutes
Type of Film:Documentary
In Person/Special Program:Discussion to follow with Jennifer Brea
Sponsored By:Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association


Jennifer Brea is a Harvard PhD student with a taste for adventure, married to the love of her life, when suddenly her body begins to fail her. Jennifer starts filming her darkest moments, chronicling her journey, including her diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As she searches for answers online, Jennifer connects with other CFS sufferers across the globe and films their stories. A personal documentary that asks us to examine the stigma associated with an illness that affects millions and still has no cure.


Shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Documentary, 2017


Skype Q&A to follow with director and film subject Jennifer Brea


In English with Open Captions and Audio Description.


Free Admission.


Co-presented with Emerson College School of the Arts Bright Lights Series.


Sponsored by the Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association.