Sex Work Activism: Body Politics and Human Rights



The Art Theater Mon, Dec 17, 2018 7:00 PM


FREE and open to the all


Join us for a film screening of Outlaw Poverty Not Prostitutes (1989) and The Honeybringer: Stories from the Sex Worker Freedom Festival (2012).  The screenings will be preceded by musical accompaniment composed by Ralph Lewis, and followed by a discussion with sex worker activist and filmmaker Carol Leigh.


Funded by the Student Cultural Programming Fund (SCPF) and Gender and Women’s Studies at UIUC


OUTLAW POVERTY, NOT PROSTITUTES | Carol Leigh, 1989 | 21 min | Synopsis: This documentary of the 1989 World Whores’ Summit in San Francisco features prostitutes and activists from around the globe discussing human rights as they effect prostitutes. Speakers in this video include Margo St. James, Gail Pheterson, Norma Hotaling (aka Jean Jenkins), Gloria Lockett, Tang Unchana Suwannanond, Dolores French, Choung Lee, Gabriela Silva Leite and others.


THE HONEYBRINGER: STORIES FROM THE SEX WORKER FREEDOM FESTIVAL | Clare Havell & Vincent Lee, 2012 | 32 min | Synopsis: As UN policymakers and politicians meet in Washington for the AIDS conference, sex workers gather in Kolkata India for an alternative summit, the Sex Worker Freedom Festival. Denied entry to the conference in the USA because of their work, sex workers from Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe send a clear message; and it is not victimhood, but power that speaks, to reveal what lies behind the stigmatisation and oppressions of sex workers.