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$30 To Antarctica

$30 To Antarctica follows the story of Ka Foon Chau, who grew up an impoverished child, and retired a renowned doctor.
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Narrative Finalist
A young man goes home for the holidays and struggles to reveal a distressing secret to his loved ones.
Fri, Oct 12 3:15 PM
Tue, Oct 16 3:15 PM
Fri, Oct 19 8:30 PM
Sat, Oct 20 12:30 PM
Sun, Oct 21 1:45 PM
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6 Weeks to Mother's Day

Set in the remote jungle of Thailand, 150 underprivileged and orphaned students attending the country's first democratic school prepare a special celebration to honor their remarkable adoptive mother/principal on Mother's Day.
Fri, Oct 12 10:15 AM
Thu, Oct 18 12:45 PM
Fri, Oct 19 10:15 AM
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Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93QUEEN" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their community by creating the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York City.
Fri, Oct 12 1:00 PM
Sat, Oct 13 8:00 PM
Wed, Oct 17 7:45 PM
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A Conversation with Don Hahn

A Conversation with Don Hahn: Filmmaker, author, artist, and Heartland Film’s Pioneering Spirit Award honoree Don Hahn will share insight on his career, the creative process, and how he secretly cloned himself to accomplish so much work over the years. Don Hahn is a writer/producer/director whose credits include the worldwide phenomenon “The Lion King,” and the classic “Beauty and the Beast,” the first animated film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar
Sat, Oct 20 1:00 PM
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A Drawing

A young boy misses the chance to say goodbye to his dying Mother. Through a deep desire he wills himself to try to see her again
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A Thousand Miles Behind

After a motorcycle mysteriously turns up on his doorstep, a grieving man sets out on a solo trip across California hoping to leave his past behind. But will the lonely road simply lead him straight back home?
Fri, Oct 12 5:15 PM
Wed, Oct 17 2:45 PM
Thu, Oct 18 2:30 PM
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Above the Drowning Sea

On the eve of WWII, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees are trapped in Nazi-controlled Vienna. This documentary is the epic story of their dramatic escape to Shanghai.
Fri, Oct 12 3:45 PM
Wed, Oct 17 12:00 PM
Fri, Oct 19 12:30 PM
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Abu Adnan

Sayid wants to keep his status as a father and the family patriarch in a new linguistic and cultural setting, despite his sons progress in assimilating into the danish language culture.
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Adios Amor-The Search for Maria Moreno

The discovery of lost photographs sparks the search for a hero that history forgot —Maria Moreno, a migrant mother who led a movement for farm worker rights years before Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.
Sun, Oct 14 7:00 PM
Wed, Oct 17 7:00 PM
Sat, Oct 20 12:15 PM
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Alaska is a Drag

This is a fish out of water story—literally. Everyone who slices fish all day daydreams—Leo's dreams are just glamtastic. He’s had to learn to fight to survive and his boss who is also an amateur boxer takes note. When a new kid offers to be his sparring partner, Leo and his twin sister are forced to confront the real reason they’re stuck in fish guts.
Sat, Oct 13 10:30 AM
Tue, Oct 16 5:00 PM
Thu, Oct 18 4:30 PM
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Alone In the Game

"Alone in the Game" exposes the outdated ideas and outright prejudices that make competitive sports one of the gay rights movement’s final frontiers, and shows how a new generation of queer and transgender athletes are scoring victories on and off the field by standing up for their rights and demanding a chance to compete.
Fri, Oct 12 4:45 PM
Sun, Oct 14 7:30 PM
Thu, Oct 18 4:45 PM
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Alternative Math

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.
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After meeting a mother and daughter, a 94-year-old Japanese-American veteran recounts moments in an internment camp and his service with the 442nd in WWII.
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Amy & Sophia

Sophia believes fantasies are real...Amy knows nightmares come true.
Sat, Oct 13 12:15 PM
Tue, Oct 16 5:45 PM
Sat, Oct 20 7:30 PM
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Anthem of a Teenage Prophet

A small-town teen predicts his best friend’s death with startling accuracy and is labelled the “Prophet of Death.” One thing he didn’t see coming? Falling in love—with his dead friend’s girl.
Sat, Oct 13 7:30 PM
Sun, Oct 14 2:30 PM
Sat, Oct 20 6:00 PM
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Anthem of a Teenage Prophet After-Party

Join us in the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Pavilion at AMC Castleton Square 14 for an after-party! Enjoy some light refreshments, music, a cash bar and get a chance to speak with the filmmakers from "Anthem of a Teenage Prophet"!
Sat, Oct 13 9:30 PM
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After his father’s death, a young man searches to find who his dad was only to stumble onto himself.
Sat, Oct 13 5:45 PM
Mon, Oct 15 7:45 PM
Fri, Oct 19 7:45 PM
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Art Paul of Playboy: The Man Behind the Bunny

The visual guru of Playboy and creator of the iconic Bunny logo, Art Paul revolutionized the world of illustration and magazine design. He was a true innovator and artist of our times.
Mon, Oct 15 2:45 PM
Wed, Oct 17 7:30 PM
Sat, Oct 20 2:30 PM
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Back Roads

A young man cares for his sisters after their mother is imprisoned for murdering their abusive father. When he strikes up an affair with a married woman, long-dormant family secrets bubble to the surface in this noir thriller.
Fri, Oct 12 3:00 PM
Sat, Oct 13 3:15 PM
Mon, Oct 15 7:45 PM
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