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Back to the Fatherland

Wed, Jul 24 7:00 PM (76 min)
Why are so many young Israelis moving to Germany and how do their grandparents feel about this return to the country they fled? Two filmmakers - one the granddaughter of a survivor, the other the granddaughter of a Nazi - decide to find out and, in the process, discover their own relationships to Austria and Germany.
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Give Me Liberty

Wed, Jul 31 7:00 PM (111 min)
A funny and sweet day-in-the-life story about marginalized characters encountering literal and figurative roadblocks amidst protests in Milwaukee.
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Tel Aviv on Fire

Wed, Aug 7 7:00 PM (100 min)
Salam works on the soap opera, “Tel Aviv on Fire.” When he is stopped at a checkpoint on his way to the show’s studio in Ramallah, he meets an Israeli commander - a fan of his show who is about to change everything for him.
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Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles

Wed, Aug 14 7:00 PM (92 min)
When "Fiddler on the Roof" hit Broadway in the 1960s, it was against a backdrop of radical social change. Discover the play’s surprising origin story and remarkable worldwide impact through intimate interviews with the show's creators and rare archival footage.
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