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Save-A-Seat Campaign

Frayed, tattered, and uncomfortable ... but not for long!
Chances are, you've sat through a movie at The Historic Artcraft Theatre begging for the time when these old seats get refurbished.
Well, now is that time - and with your help, these old seats can be just like new again!

How will this work?
We will be removing one row of seats at a time and sending out for repair on the springs, new red upholstery, and new dark grey powder coating. Your tax-deductible donation of $150 will save one seat! ? You will be thanked in our annual report, and planned recognition for annual sponsors and donors to be located in the concession area. We have already collected enough donations to repair more than 150 seats! See a staff member or volunteer if you have any questions!

*Any funds remaining after the completion of the seat repairs will be used for on-going maintenance of the seats and auditorium.

Turnaround for each row is estimated at 4 to 6 weeks.

Please donate today!

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