The Art of Richard Thompson

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Film Info
Film Type:Official Selection
Documentary Shorts
Release Year:2015
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Bob Burnett
Cast:Gene Weingarten
Bono Mitchell
David Apatoff
Caitlin McGurk
Nick Galifianakis
Producer(s):Andy Hemmendinger
Screenwriter:Andy Hemmendinger
Bob Burnett
Executive Producer(s):Andy Hemmendinger


Richard Thompson is renowned among cartoonists as the "artist's" cartoonist. Little known to all but those close to him is the extent of his extraordinary art, a gift so rare that it compelled "Calvin and Hobbes" creator, Bill Watterson, to break an almost 20 year silence and declare, "Now I have a reason to read comics again". This warm and moving portrait will enlighten and delight with the sheer beauty of his work.