The In-Between

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Film Type:Stream
Film Info
Director(s):Mindy Bledsoe
Country:United States
Running Time:78 min
Type of Film:Fiction
Disabilities Represented:Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Two women set out on a road trip with different missions. Mads (Jennifer Stone "Wizards of Waverly Place") needs to renew her driver's license in South Dakota, while Junior needs to visit Portland, OR on a quest for her dead sister. Both women have medical issues that cause friction along the way, but they never let those problems define their identities. Mads is also keeping a secret from Junior, that could explode at any moment and ruin their journey.  

This film is available worldwide for the duration of the Festival.

Live conversation on May 12th 2021 at 7 pm with director Mindy Bledsoe and actor Jennifer Stone included with film.

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