Lost Illusions (Illusions perdues)



Winner of seven César Awards, including Best Film!

Xavier Giannoli’s headlong adaptation of a Balzac novel paints a timely picture of literary ambition and media corruption in 19th-century France, a ravishing vision of the birth of modern media. In some ways it is a very old-fashioned, supremely French movie, full of costumes and quill pens, sex and speechifying, and stylish acting even in the smallest roles. However, “Giannoli illuminates the dank frenzy of the 19th-century attention economy with an eye on our own post-truth era. If there’s any justice this movie will become a touchstone among the grasping, scheming denizens of the current media jungle.” ~ A. O. Scott, The New York Times.

Period-drama perfection. Acted with such terrific panache that not enjoying it is impossible. The film’s galloping momentum is exhilarating, and there is broad comedy in its elision of carnal desire and social ambition. Superb.” ~ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian