Audience of One Presents: Bonnie and Clyde


Capitol Theatre Fri, Feb 9 7:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sat, Feb 10 1:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sat, Feb 10 7:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sun, Feb 11 3:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Thu, Feb 15 7:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Fri, Feb 16 7:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sat, Feb 17 1:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sat, Feb 17 7:00 PM
Capitol Theatre Sun, Feb 18 3:00 PM


Bonnie and Clyde Broadway Musical

Feb. 9th-18th 2024
Capitol Players Pro
Directed by Angie Dee
Music Directed by Mark David Williams
Rated PG-13- due to gun violence and death, mild language, sexual undertones with heavy kissing/1930s lingerie.  

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde tells the story of real-life fugitives, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. In the midst
of the country-wide depression the couple find notoriety and love in this thrilling, fast-paced
musical. Frustrated with their poor, ordinary lives, Bonnie and Clyde both dream of the exciting
lives they have seen in the movies. After escaping from jail, Clyde meets Bonnie and recognizes
a fellow dreamer. Their craving for fame and thrills leads them into a life of crime and a life on
the run. Despite the pleas of their families, the couple embark on a series of robberies at
gunpoint, continuously evading the police and becoming the celebrities they desperately wanted
to be. They are soon joined by Clyde’s brother, Buck, and the “Barrow Gang” plans increasingly
ambitious heists. As their fame and ambition grows, their inevitable fate draws closer. When
Buck is killed by the police during an escape, Bonnie and Clyde decide to go and see their
families once more. This decision leads them straight into the police firing line and they are both
shot dead in the car. Sexy, exciting, and daring, Bonnie & Clyde combines gospel, rockabilly,
and blues music to produce an innovative score that complements the action-filled plot.
Rated R for Violence and Sexual Tones