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2017 10-Pack

New and Improved 2017 Heartland Film Festival 10-Packs: Digital Ticket Vouchers!        

For a limited time and the first time ever, the popular ticket voucher 10-pack is available online and can be redeemed for any standard film screening during the 2017 Heartland Film Festival, set for October 12-22 across Indianapolis. Buy now and save: $20 savings over 10 standard tickets, or $40 total savings if you’re a member of Heartland Film (compared to the $12 box office/online single ticket price)!


Ticket voucher codes can be redeemed online starting Monday, Sept. 18, or Friday, Sept. 15 for Heartland Film members.


***Vouchers may not be redeemed for special events or premieres and have no cash value. Vouchers must be redeemed for actual regular tickets for admittance to screenings.



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