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2019 Festival Discount Package (5 Pack)

     Purchase the Festival Discount Package 5 Pack: One ticket to five different films of your choice.

     * Film selections are contingent on ticket availability. Please make sure you check availability of tickets before purchasing the discount package.

                                   To select your five (5) films:

                                        1. Complete your purchase of the Festival Discount Package below.

                                        2. Checkout and pay.

                                        3. Log out of the ticketing system.

                                        4. Refresh your window.

                                        5. Sign into the ticketing system. You will not be charged another processing fee.

                                             The sign in button in on the top right of the screen and the icon is the shape of a person.

                                        6. Select your five (5) films.

                         Any questions or issues, email

No Longer Available