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Tribute in Honor of Doreen Beinart and Robert Brustein
Please consider a tribute in Honor of Doreen Beinart and Robert Brustein.

Doreen Beinart was born in South Africa and came to Boston for her graduate studies. In South Africa, she was managing editor of South African Outlook, an Anti-Apartheid magazine. In the US, she became managing editor of Space & Society, an architecture magazine published by MIT Press. She is the founder of the Human Rights Film Festival at the Carr Center, Harvard Kennedy School, and is a member of the selection committee for the Martha’s Vineyard Jewish Film Festival. She is also on the Board of the Martha’s Vineyard Summer Institute Speaker series.

Doreen has been a devoted audience member of Boston Jewish Film for two decades, and is honored to be the current BJF Board Vice President. She is passionate about Boston Jewish Film’s mission to bring the greater Boston community together by providing the most exciting, enlightening films about the Jewish experience.

Robert Brustein
is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts, and a member of the Theater Hall of Fame. He is the Founder of the Yale Repertory Theater and the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University, as well as the Founder of the Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard. He was Dean of the Yale School of Drama, Professor of Drama and English at Harvard, and theater critic for The New Republic for many decades. He is a theater director, producer, playwright, actor, critic, and educator, and is the author of numerous books on American Theater. He is the first person to twice win the George Jean Nathan Award for dramatic criticism. His legacy of brilliant and innovative repertory theater has greatly enriched Boston cultural life. Doreen and Bob have been happily married for twenty-five years.

Please Consider a Tribute in Honor of Doreen Beinart and Robert Brustein.

To have your name appear in the pre-recorded award presentation to Doreen and Robert during the film, Robert Brustein: A Celebration, your tribute must be received by October 25.
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