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2017 Annual Appeal
“Frankly my dear, I do give a damn. Send the nice folks a check.”

At this magical time of year when anything is possible, I’m imagining why some of my favorite movie characters would donate to BMFI’s 2017 Annual Appeal. A worldly realist like Rhett Butler would recognize the need to support his community’s nonprofit, independent arthouse theater. Even with record film attendance at BMFI this year, movie ticket sales cover less than half the cost of exhibiting those films and maintain our historic theater. It takes BMFI’s Annual Appeal donors to keep the movies on the screens and building in good working order. Thank you to all the wonderful people who keep BMFI full of activity all year long: Our loyal members, the filmgoers who fill our seats, the faithful volunteers teaching visual literacy to elementary school students, taking tickets, and helping in so many other ways-each of you plays an essential role.
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