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Women in Film Initiatives

In 2013, Provincetown Film Society founded the Gabrielle A. Hanna Provincetown Film Institute to provide programs throughout the year, including film residencies, mini-festivals, and workshops that address gender equity in the media and film. Some of Provincetown Film Society’s Women in Film Initiative include:

The Women’s Residency program offers women-identifying filmmakers from around the world one- or two-week residencies in Provincetown that includes a small travel stipend, lodging, and round-trip travel from Boston to Provincetown. Residents can have uninterrupted time to work on any current project or choose to engage with the vibrant community of Provincetown for the exchange of ideas, skills, and experiences.

Women’s Week is a town-wide celebration of women, culture and community. Provincetown Film Society looks forward to participating every year with special screenings, filmmaker meet-and-greets, panel discussions, and receptions, all to highlight the achievements of women in film.

Women’s Media Summit Retreat invites movie-makers, academics, lawmakers, business professionals and supporters to build strategies that end gender inequity in American film and television.

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