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LGBTQ in Film Initiatives

Since its founding, Provincetown has been a place of shelter and nurture for the “other”—a place for those whose artistic and life expression might challenge the norm. Part of the core mission of the Provincetown Film Society is to support aspiring filmmakers and endorse gender, racial and sexual diversity in U.S. entertainment media. Along with participation in Provincetown's themed weeks, some of Provincetown Film Society’s LGBTQ in Film Initiatives include:

The Anthony Lawson LGBTQ Youth Mentorship Program seeks to nurture emerging talent in the entertainment industry by connecting college-age LGBTQ students with established professionals for career advice and support. Each year, one scholarship will be awarded to a Boston-based LGBTQ college student with an academic focus in film production or programming. The chosen student will have the opportunity to attend all of the Provincetown Film Society’s year-round programming – including the Provincetown International Film Festival – and will be partnered with three mentors who will provide them with life changing one-on-one guidance in their careers.

HBO Family Week Kids Camp - each year, we provide special programs to LGBTQ-led families and the vast community of visitors with curated events and guest appearances by celebrated family favorites. In 2018, we served over 200 LGBTQ families, and we have been asked to accommodate an additional 250 children in 2019.
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