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We have two Membership levels to choose from: Silver or Gold
Your annual Membership helps us offer a wide range of superb films and provide educational and cultural programs to diverse audiences, including visits by acclaimed and emerging filmmakers, talks by film experts, film series, and rare and treasured archive films.

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Silver Adult $60.00

Silver Dual Adults $105.00

Silver Senior $40.00

Silver Dual Senior $65.00

Silver Student $40.00

Silver Dual Adult-Sen/Stu $85.00

2YR- Gold $600.00

2YR- Gold Dual $1,000.00

2YR- Silver Adult $120.00

2YR- Silver Dual Adult-Sen/Stu $170.00

2YR- Silver Dual Adults $210.00

2YR- Silver Dual Senior $130.00

2YR- Silver Dual Student $130.00

2YR- Silver Senior $80.00

2YR- Silver Student $80.00

Gold $300.00

Gold Dual $500.00

Silver Dual Student $65.00


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