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Adventure belongs to the community and is an important piece of our culture and heritage. Please join this special group of people who support Schooner Adventure and our mission to educate, inspire, preserve and operate this historic vessel for the enjoyment and enrichment of our community!

For every $1 received in ticket and charter sales, Gloucester Adventure, Inc. must raise $2 in contributed support to keep Schooner Adventure sailing for the enrichment of our community. Please join us by making your tax-deductible gift today.

Your membership helps preserve Schooner Adventure for future generations to enjoy. Thank you!

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Friend Stu-Sen-Vet $35.00
(Student, Senior, Veteran) discount*

Friend Individual $50.00

Member Stu-Sen-Vet $75.00 (Pledgeable: $6.25 per month)
(Student, Senior, Veteran) discount*

Member Individual $120.00 (Pledgeable: $10.00 per month)

Member Family $180.00 (Pledgeable: $15.00 per month)

Deckhand $300.00 (Pledgeable: $25.00 per month)

Seafarer $600.00 (Pledgeable: $50.00 per month)
* Levels that can be pledged are noted as 'Pledgeable'


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