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The Inspirational Country Music Association was founded in 1992 with the objective to broaden and echo the message of Faith, Family and Country in the mainstream marketplace, and to encourage, enable and recognize those individuals who share this message through their music and ministries. Bringing the initiative to life, the annual Inspirational Country Music Awards serves as a two-fold testament to the mutual work of the nonprofit organization and its members, and to honor performing and recording artists, members of the music and entertainment industries, and various mediums that share the same passion through Inspirational, Christian Country music.

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to give a voice to the music in our hearts and to recognize the talented performers and members of the music community who celebrate the spirit, and message of faith with their music.

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  • Personalized membership card, your ticket to many benefits and discounts.
  • Voting privileges in ALL categories for the annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards
  • Discounted registration to the ICM Faith, Family & Country Week
  • Access to "Who's Looking, Who's Cutting" ...  a valuable resource connecting artists and songwriters
  • New Benefits Coming in 2019, including a weekly newsletter containing educational and/or inspirational information

“Music is a gift; it is a universal language that lends inspiration, moves emotion and lifts the soul. God is our inspiration in all things and his spirit moves us. We entered into this endeavor as a labor of love to continue the good premise and character that the ICMA was built upon to embrace and support the talented individuals who share the good word of God.”— Delbert Gault (Executive Director) and Sherri Gault (Chairman of the Board)


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