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Beer & Hymns
Capitol Theatre
Friday, Sep 15, 2017 7:30 PM
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Beer & Hymns

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How it all began.....

Our group has had many events large and small since our first Nov 1, 2013, gathering at Mad Donna’s (RIP, friend) formerly in East Nashville.  The Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville was a big part of getting us off the ground — we quickly raise a glass their way when talking origins.  Beer & Hymns is now institutionally unaffiliated, not a part of any organized group — so you can just blame us — or celebrate with us — directly.

We are proudly based from Mercy Lounge, a killer Nashville rock club downtown off of 8th Avenue — an old 19th century warehouse complex — once used for canning.  Today, it is a hive of creativity, including our group, the largest pub sing we know of.  With Black Abbey Brewery’s ales — and bravado — we also enjoy the finest of Nashville-made craft beer at our nights.  If you’ve not tried these before — Black Abbey is served throughout the region in finer restaurants and bars (and go see them at their Sidco Drive taproom!)

The goal of our gatherings hasn’t changed since meeting on a private porch deck in the Crieve Hall neighborhood of Nashville years ago.  We are on a communal journey to find moments of singing together, moments of transcendence, as one.  It is all about human voices — in a present moment.

Beer & Hymns in Nashville has enjoyed media coverage in The Tennessean, NewsChannel 5, Fox 17, Nashville Scene and USA Today.  The founder and leader is Nashvillian Geoff Little, who relies on world class friends and super helpful partners – including Carl Meier and the Black Abbey Brewery team, and John Bruton, Adrienne Ervin, and the Mercy Lounge staff.  Our manager Jim Hughes has come beside us in recent years.  Thanks, everyone.  Great is your faithfulness.