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Making Space: A Workshop
Part of the Englert Wavelength Series
Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
$25 Friends of The Englert - $35 General Public + tax
We often overlook the importance of “space” in creative and artistic pursuits, mistaking it as emptiness or background. This day long workshop invites those interested in a deeper connection to creating and/or appreciating art to consider how sensing “space” as a metaphor can overcome creative blocks, how to cross-apply how one artistic medium creates space into other kinds of art, and how to make space for an audience to appreciate, interpret, and integrate your art as a result.

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 - 9:00 Introductions

 - 9:15 Making space (for creating) in your life

- 10:15 Break

- 10:30 Making Space I: Aesthetic Strategies: Basic Concepts

- 11:30 Making Space II: Dynamics of Dimensions and Scale

- 12:30-2:00 Lunch

- 1:45-2:00 Informal Q and A, conversation

- 2:00  Making Space III: Dynamics of Inside and Outside

- 3:15 Conversation: Making Space for Others

- 4:45 Closing the Space

This creative workshop, led by Dan Boscaljon, will invite attendees to more deeply explore the different modes of “space” in art and our creative practices.

Part of the Englert Wavelength Series

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WORKSHOP Workshop - $35.00

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Making Space: A Workshop


Space shapes each of our life experiences: they can be inviting or prohibiting, infinite or infinitesimal, engaging or estranging. We spend most of our lives passively occupying the pre-made spaces provided for us, unthinkingly shaped and informed by them. Art empowers us to recreate contexts in ways that make space for our own voice--and for others who may be unheard in the status quo.


Because we experience art, we experience it in terms of its space. We perhaps recognize this most readily in painting, sculpture, theater, or dance--but literature and music also require and recreate spaces. All art shapes how we experience space even after we leave the site of the art’s occurrence.


The Englert’s “Making Space” workshop offers a chance for artists from all media to become thoughtful about how to make space for art, in art, and as art. The workshop moves from making space for inspiration to allowing space for interpretation, and, in between, offers strategies for making and manipulating space. These strategies include how to make spaces feel vast (whether a musical moment or a narrative nudge), how to make them feel confining, how to curve space in matter or in time, and how to make a two-dimensional space appear to have three dimensions.


The workshop begins by addressing how many artists stifle creativity by demanding art rather than cultivating it—and how to overcome creative blocks by making space that allows art to emerge naturally. It then moves to understanding how to make space by discussing how strategies for making space developed in one art form (music, painting) can be applied to another (poetry, dance). The workshop concludes by emphasizing how to make spaces for audiences to inhabit, inviting interpretations that will thus serve to inspire new art.