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Movies w/Harry!


Come join for five(5), 90-minute online film lectures and stimulating discussions with movie 'maven' and dear friend of the Lark, Harry Chotiner.

Whether they’re Hollywood blockbusters, Academy Award winners, darlings of the indie circuit, eye-opening documentaries, or exquisitely animated films, great movies have a way of illuminating something previously unrecognized about the human experience. In this 5-week course, watch several specially selected films on your own and meet online for a lively discussion about what makes these films exceptional works of art. The films will all be available on popular and easy-to-use streaming platforms.

Harry selects the films as we go along, tailoring them to the group as it unfolds. Previous groups have come to implicitly trust Harry's selections — sight unseen — for an entertaining and in-depth learning experience. As one participant expressed it:

"I was mesmerized by your insightful comments. As usual, you stretch my thinking, allowing me to go well beyond my initial impressions, something I always appreciate."