Film Info
Section:Documentary Feature Competition
Premiere Status:Southeast Premiere
Country:United States
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jason Maris
Danielle Bernstein
Cast:Adam Sorensen
Victoria Bell
Brad Colbert
Mitch Herig
Jonathan Blank
Laura Sorensen
Producer:Danielle Bernstein
Noah Gallowway
Kristen McGary
Ace Harney
Cinematographer:Jason Maris
Editor:Danielle Bernstein
Music:Shannon Wright


Groundbreaking, intimate and durational - HOMEMADE is the six-year journey following combat wounded and highly decorated Force Reconnaissance Marine Adam Sorensen as he navigates life after war. The film opens and Adam is actively pursuing his commission to become a Marine Corp Officer while managing Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and addiction. Six years, one jail sentence, 10 hospital stays, one suicide attempt, one demotion, one retirement, one divorce, one marriage later, Adam is living his best self as an outdoorsman in his home state of Utah. Set behind the closed doors of the Sorensen home, HOMEMADE is unlike anything you have seen on military life to date. The film uncovers the concussive effects of a blast injury as they ripple through the family life of Adam upon his return, exposing the traumatic effects of transition from active duty to civilian. Adam and his family show extreme courage, determination, resilience and failure in a story that is effecting far too many military families. This revealing and unexpected recovery story begs a broader question about what wellness means to the individual and our cultural markers of success. HOMEMADE ignites a crucial conversation about caring for our returning veterans and their families as they transition from active duty to civilian and will leave any audience member with the lasting desire to be a part of the solution.