Range Runners



Regal Hollywood 27 Theater 8 Tue, Oct 8 12:30 PM
Film Info
Section:Twisted Lens
Premiere Status:Tennessee Premiere
Country:United States
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Philip S. Plowden
Cast:Celeste M. Cooper
Sean Patrick Leonard
Michael B. Woods
Tiffany Renee Johnson
Sarah Charipar
Mariah Gordon
Producer:Christian Crocker
RoseMary Prodonovich
Christoper Ganze
Screenwriter:Devon Colwell
Cinematographer:Darryl Miller
Editor:Micahel Thomas James
Music:Richie Payls


Mel has made a lifetime of challenging herself. Despite the dozens of marathons and long- distance endurance runs under her belt, her latest endeavor will prove her most daunting run yet: an isolated 2,200 mile -long hiking trail through the mountains. Alone in the woods, Mel pushes herself to the limit on a daily basis, only stopping to replenish her supplies whenever she comes across some semblance of civilization. Now, with her pack freshly restocked with help from her sister, Chloe, Mel finds herself on an eight day stretch, with no support and no way to contact the outside world. There’s nothing to stand in Mel’s way... until she encounters two strangers in the woods. Wayland and Jared claim to be day-hikers, but Mel can see that they have been out in the wilderness longer than they claim, with nothing but a half-empty backpack between them. After offering them aid, Mel holds up for the night in a hiking shelter along the trail, and the two men soon find her there. Her pack is taken, and Mel is left to fend for herself, with no food, a dwindling water supply, and no hope of rescue. Mel must now make a choice: give up on the trail and backtrack to find help, or follow her attackers further into the woods to take back what was stolen from her. Armed with nothing but her wits, her will to survive, and a hardened resolve bestowed upon her in her youth by her over-bearing father, Mel must find a way to push past the physical limitations of her body and persevere in the face of overwhelming odds.

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