You Don't Nomi



Film Info
Section:Graveyard Shift Competition
Run Time:92
Premiere Status:Tennessee Premiere
Country:United Sates
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jeffrey McHale
Cast:Elizabeth Berkley
Jeffrey Conway
Joe Eszterhas
Producer:Ariana Garfinkel
Jeffrey McHale
Suzanne Zoints
Cinematographer:Matt McDonald
Music:Mark De Gli Antoni


When it was released in 1995, Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls was reviled. The first NC-17 release to receive a wide theatrical release, the public and critics of the era—with a loud, clear, collective voice—rejected the film. It was nominated for a record 13 Razzie Awards, and won a then-record seven. Roger Ebert, in one of the more generous reviews the film received, summed his opinion up by noting that, “the film is not, in short, quite unredeemably bad.” But Showgirls’ reputation has been resuscitated in the intervening 24 years, and conceding one’s admiration for Nomi Malone’s sordid tale is no longer the admission of questionable taste it once signified. YOU DON'T NOMI brilliantly draws on archival footage of Showgirls’ production, revealing interviews with the major players, and surprisingly thoughtful conversations with the cinephiles who are leading the charge in the film’s redemptive journey from a notorious flop to cult classic. Is it a masterpiece? Or is it a piece of shit? McHale’s addictive documentary argues for a third designation: the masterpiece of shit.