American Epic: Out of the Many, The One


Green Hills Cinema - Theater 3 Thu, Apr 21, 2016 7:45 PM
Film Info
Section:Special Presentations Feature
Run Time:84
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Country:Unite KIngdom
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Mississippi John Hurt
Taj Mahal
the Hopi Indian Chanters
Joseph Kekuku
Lydia Mendoza
Producer:Duke Erikon
Bill Holderman
Bernard MacMahon
Allison McGourty
Cinematographer:Vern Moen
Editor:Dan Gitlin
Jim Hession
Gillian McCarthy


The myriad threads of America’s musical tapestry: Hopi priests travel to Washington to defend their sacred snake dance; an eleven-year-old Hawaiian boy invents the steel guitar; a teenage tejana shakes the border with a ferocious feminist tango learned from a gum wrapper; the fightingest frères on the bayou turn a lament for a pretty blonde into the Cajun national anthem; and a gentle Delta farmer sings a nostalgic song of his hometown in the cold of a New York winter and inspires the greatest rediscovery of the ’60s folk revival.