“A Billion Colour Story” Screening



Indiana Historical Society Sun, Aug 20, 2017 1:00 PM
Film Info
Film Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2016
Runtime:115 min
Production Country:INDIA
Original Language:Hindi
Cast/Crew Info
Director:N. Padmakumar
Cast:Gaurav Sharma
Vauka Sunkavalli
Dhruva Padmakumar


Join Heartland Film for a screening of the film A Billion Colour Story at the Indiana Historical Society.

Film Synopsis:

N. Padmakumar has courageously tackled, head on, issues that lie at the very heart of India's current social unrest - namely intolerance and fundamentalism.  

Hari Aziz is a tech-savvy, sensitive child of 11, wise beyond his years, who lives through a period of enormous change with his parents, Imran and Parvati -  a trajectory that includes  exhilarating hope and bitter disappointment. Imran and Parvati  who met while attending film school in Australia, refer to themselves as "religious agnostics". They are  eager to return to  India, the country they love, and put to good use their skills in the production of socially relevant films. They are full of optimism and excitement. However, when the funds for their films  are ultimately not forthcoming, despite promises and assurances, they are forced to relocate to a cheaper area of Mumbai. Here, they are shocked and greatly disturbed that their religious backgrounds  (Imran is a Muslim, Pavarti a Hindu) puts them in direct and dangerous conflict with neighbors, and people within the community. 

 Billion Colour Story, shot in stark black and white, is told through the eyes of Hari - a loving child who does not understand the tension and hatred he sees all around him. The role of Hari is played by Dhruva Padmakumar, the son of the Director.