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Film Info
Film Type:Documentary Feature
Themes:Feel Good
Release Year:2017
Runtime:84 minutes
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:James Keach
Cast:Augie Nieto
Lynne Nieto
Producer(s):Eric Carlson
James Keach
Executive Producer(s):Michele Farinola
Robert Brunswick
Lynn Hirshfield
Michael Ferro


Augie. He lived life in the fast lane. He was in impeccable shape. He was tough, bullheaded, and devilishly handsome. Augie Nieto was known as “the Steve Jobs of the fitness industry”—the first person to popularize the LifeCycle in gyms across the country. At the age of 47, Augie and his wife Lynne—his high school sweetheart—seemed to have it all. But then their lives were turned upside-down. Augie was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, in 2005. "Augie" is the story of a powerful man challenged by a debilitating disease, which for the first time in his life, took every bit of control from him. ALS patients experience paralysis of all their voluntary muscles, and the disease usually proves fatal in two to three years. And yet, ALS is what saved Augie’s life. This is the inspirational journey of a man who learned how to transform himself to find true peace and happiness. Before ALS, Augie was a tyrant. He was incredibly successful, but his personal life suffered. His marriage was on the rocks. When Augie was diagnosed, his life fell apart completely. But then he and Lynne picked up the pieces and formed a stronger bond than they’ve ever had. Augie learned to channel his will to live and his drive for success into doing everything he can to find a cure for ALS. All his friends and business colleagues rallied around him, and to date he and Lynne have raised over $100 million that directly funds scientific research for ALS. Augie and Lynne have found the joy and laughter in life again. Their bravery encourages ALS patients and their families to never give up, and to dive deep into the riches that life can bring. “You’ve got to laugh every day,” says Augie, as he continues to fight for a cure.      
Includes mature themes and language
James Keach, Director/Producer s
cheduled to attend:
Oct. 13th


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