Comedie Francaise: The Misanthrope

180 Minutes • Not Rated • No Passes


Film Info
Event Type:Comedie Franaise
Release Year:2017
Production Country:France
Original Langauge:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Clément Hervieu-Léger
Cast:Loïc Corbery
Serge Bagdassarian
Adeline d’Hermy
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Alcest loves Climne, a flirtatious woman from the Parisian high society. He loathes this world for its hypocritical etiquette but, shaken by a public trial he is called to by this social circle, he must visit Climne to ask for her help





When it was decided that I would stageThe Misanthrope, I asked myself: why stage the classics? Why is it so important to me? I think that the person who best, and very succinctly, answered this question is Antoine Vitez: because it is essential to work on social memory""



The eight characters that make up this social microcosm are placed in an open space, outside a mansion that is being renovated, instead of in the cosy setting of a salon. The set is a moving space, a metaphor for what, according to the director, the repertoire should be: evolving, rooted in our time, but nourished by previous centuries and already turning to the coming century. I belong to a repertory theatre, and I think that if we do not approach these plays from a fresh perspective, this repertory theatre has no reason to exist.


Home to Molires historic theatre troupe, la Comdie-Franaise is Frances most respected and most prestigious theatre, created in 1680 at the Sun King Louis XIVs request. Located in the heart of Paris next to the garden of the Palais Royal, this State institution is the only one in the country to have its own dedicated company of actors, among which Guillaume Gallienne, Denis Podalyds, Laurent Lafitte and Dominique Blanc. For the first time, Frances historical stage La Comdie-Franaise comes to global audiences live from Paris in cinemas worldwide with three timeless classics, thanks to a new partnership with Path Live.