Dig Deep, Fly High Children's Film Fest Animated Shorts

73 Minutes * All Ages


Lark Theater Mon, Apr 9, 2018 12:30 PM
Lark Theater Fri, Apr 13, 2018 10:30 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Family Films
Release Year:2018
Rating:All Ages
Production Country:Various


Dive into exciting adventures, vibrant colors and exquisite storytelling with this timeless collection of 11 animated films from 9 countries. Chase a kite into a mysterious cave, discover how to light up a dark forest, fill up a marvelous hole in the ground, soar with a flock of birds, discover the way to wake up a whole town, swim with a magnificent Orca, and discover all the things that make you special! 

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar 

(Lena von Döhren, Switzerland, animation, 2017, 4 min, nonverbal) 

A little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree, at least until an uninvited guest shows up!


(Gavin Moran, USA, animation, 2015, 2:20 min, nonverbal) 

A young boy chases an errant kite to a mysterious cave high in the mountains.

Fruits of Clouds — winner of the CFFS Audience Prize for Best Animated Short Film, and the CFFS Catbus Kids Youth Jury Award for Best Animated Short Film 

(Katerina Karhankova, Czech Republic, animation, 2017, 10 min, nonverbal) 

A little furry creature makes a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

A Hole 

(Maribel Suárez, Mexico, animation, 2016, 4 min, nonverbal)

A little girl, delighted and intrigued by a hole, offers it all kinds of presents and treats. 

The Reflection in Me 

(Marc Colagiovanni, USA, animation, 2017, 3:43 min, English) 

A girl glances in a mirror, and sees a friend peering back at her.


(Timon Leder, Slovenia, animation, 2016, 11:35 min, nonverbal) 

A hungry Weasel sneaks up on a flock of birds living on a last standing tree, but then disaster turns into something completely unexpected.


(Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, animation, 2017, 9:31 min, nonverbal) 

Long ago, in a cold Nordic country, a man toils at his job of waking people up. But one day, a shiny bell changes his life. 

The House of Colors

(Nicolás P. Villarreal, Argentina, animation, 2017, 9 min, Spanish with English subtitles)

A young girl wishes to live inside her favorite television show, but the wondrous trees of La Plata, a mysterious house, and her loving Mother's secret, cause her to change her mind.

Autumn — winner of the CFFS Catbus Kids Youth Jury Special Prize for Best Film for All Ages

(Helene Letourneur, France, animation, 2016, 3 min, nonverbal) 

Autumn is in a hurry to paint her colors on the world. But there isn’t much time: Winter is on the way.

Doll’s Letters

(Natalia Grofpel, Russia, animation, 2016, 6:40 min, nonverbal) 

When a little girl’s doll goes missing, a kindly postman invents an incredible story.

The Mountain of SGaana — winner of the Iron Giants Youth Jury Award for Best Short Animated Film 

(Christopher Auchter, Canada, animation, 2017, 10 min, nonverbal)

As a young fisherman cruises along a rugged shoreline, a tiny mouse in Haida regalia appears and starts to knit a blanket. A story unfolds on the blanket as it grows longer, illustrating the ancient tale of Haida master sea hunter Naa-Naa-Simgat and his beloved, Kuuga Kuns.