The Limits Of My World


Somerville Theatre - Screen 2 Sat, Apr 28, 2018 3:45 PM
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Genre:Documentary Feature
Premiere Status:World Premiere
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Director:Heather Cassano
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Heather Cassano

Brian is a severely autistic young man facing the challenges of entering the adult world after his “high school” graduation. State policy has forced him out of the education system after his 21st birthday. Now officially an adult, Brian moves from his residential school to his new home. His family worries that without the day-to-day structure of a formal education, Brian will regress to his previous, violent behaviors. To combat this fear, Brian’s parents enroll him in a newly formed program designed specifically for adults with autism—a rare offering in the state of Maryland. He is the first to participate.

The film is shot from the unique perspective of Brian’s sister, Heather Cassano, who frequently breaches the wall between documentarian and subject. She explores Brian’s new life alongside him, rejecting the societal convention that Brian must work and assimilate in order to be a productive member of society. Instead, Cassano’s film seeks to understand Brian’s personality beneath his disability. What does Brian want out of life, and how can that be achieved? How does someone with a disability as severe as Brian’s function in this world? What can he contribute? THE LIMITS OF MY WORLD confronts these questions through the intimate lens of a sibling relationship.

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