Clash of the Playwrights: Ollie's Diner



Chaffin's Barn Theatre Thu, Sep 13, 2018 12:00 PM
Chaffin's Barn Theatre Fri, Sep 14, 2018 7:30 PM


Once upon a time, Ollie's Country Diner was famous for its chicken n dumplings and a visit by famed country singer Lefty Leflore. Forty years later, Ollie is gone and his beloved diner is being run by his daughter, Jessie, and things aren't going well. There to help are Jessie's sister, Anna Belle, who fancies a role in the movie "Dirty Dancing" being filmed in nearby Lake Lure; Elvin, a friend whose career in radio included welcoming audiences to the Grand Ol Opry; and Percy, once celebrated as the "Wizard of Madison Avenue".  To rescue the diner- a nightly stop on a local ghost-walking tour- Percy devises a plan that not only recreates Lefty's visit but embellishes it. It's not until a handsome country singer drops in that things seem to be coming together. Only trouble is, who is this mysterious stranger with whom both Jessie and Anna Belle are smitten? And how does he know so much about Ollie? Equally intriguing, why is somebody trying to buy a diner that is a shadow of itself? The answers unfold in a series of ghostly twists and turns generously sprinkled with music, love, and laughter.