Evil Dead II - New 4K Restoration!

82 Minutes • R


Film Info
Event Type:Halloween
Release Year:1987
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sam Raimi
Cast:Bruce Campbell


Raimi's horror/comedy classic EVIL DEAD 2 burst on to the scene in 1987 and has been shocking audiences with gore and laughs ever since. Starring Bruce Campbell (Ash vs. the Evil Dead) as Ash, EVIL DEAD 2 can now be seen in a frightfully crisp 4K restoration from Studiocanal.


After playing a recording of the Book of the Dead found in a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods and unleashing an evil force that possesses his girlfriend, Ash is forced into a macabre battle for his life. When four strangers appear in the midst of his mad scramble for survival, more and more possessions and gory deaths pile up.