The Dive


Film Info
Director(s):Yona Rozenkier
Language:Hebrew and Italian with subtitles
Running Time:90 min
Type of Film:Fiction
Premiere Status:Massachusetts Premiere


Three brothers return to the kibbutz where they grew up, on the border of Lebanon. War rages around them, but a deeper violence stirs between them as they prepare the youngest to go off to fight for the first time. The deserted kibbutz and its surroundings become the brothers' surreal playground, and as the end of the weekend approaches, their training becomes increasingly violent, finally spinning out of control. An impressive semi-autobiographical debut.


Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2018, Winner: Best Israeli Film, Best Debut Film, Best Actor (Yoel Rozenkier, Micah Rozenkier, and Yona Rozenkier), Best Cinematography


Toronto International Film Festival, 2018, Official Selection