Expedition Chesapeake, A Journey of Discovery, World Premiere Reception and Presentation


Select Medical Digital Cinema Wed, Mar 20 7:00 PM


The reception has been planned to be a family-friendly event for children and adults with an opportunity to meet the star of the film, Jeff Corwin.  The production team from VIA Studios Global will also be in attendance to talk about the making of this remarkable film.

This is the first giant screen film to feature the Chesapeake Bay and its 64,000 square mile watershed.  Jeff takes us on a journey from the headwaters of the Susquehanna River in New York through the rugged Alleghany Mountains, and down to the sandy shores of uninhabited islands at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay.  Along the way we meet dedicated scientists who have devoted their careers to studying, nurturing and sustaining beloved animal species in the region.  The survival and resilience of iconic and intriguing animal species, including river otters, blue crab, osprey and hellbenders, illustrate the important role that each of us plays in the reclamation, conservation and future health of watersheds and estuaries wherever we live. 

This is Whitaker Center’s first world premiere event and the first public screening of the film.  To remember this special occasion, each child and adult in attendance will receive a film poster suitable for framing.

***Children, ages 12 & Under

***Adults, age 18+