Etgar Keret: Based On A True Story (Etgar Keret: Based On A True Story)


Villagio Cinemas, Carrollwood Wed, Mar 20, 2019 10:30 AM


Blurring the lines of fantasy and reality to create a modern fairy tale, ETGAR KERET: BASED ON A TRUE STORY seeks to illuminate the compulsive creativity behind the renowned Israeli writer and humorist. Etgar Keret is known universally for his surreal but relatable yarns featuring off-kilter humor, startling turns and unexpected endings, with truth versus fantasy always in question. So, when two young Dutch filmmakers embark on a film about Keret and his inner process, they decide to mirror his absurdist style. Animations of Keret's stories, reenactments of events from his life, and interviews with family, friends and colleagues comprise this unique and entertaining hybrid biography of a vibrant personality as wry and colorful as the tales he tells.