Redemption (Redemption)


Area Real Estate Ybor Theatre 5 Sat, Mar 23, 2019 6:45 PM


A dutiful but deeply unhappy father fights to save his gravely ill daughter and his own dreams of being a rock musician, in the poignant and probing Israeli drama REDEMPTION, Jerusalem Film Festival Audience Award winner. Widowed and single, middle-aged Menachem (Moshe Folkenflick) works as a grocery clerk, struggling to cover costly medical treatments for his cancer-stricken six-year-old daughter. After personal tragedy ended his stint as a rock musician, he is now dedicated to the Orthodox way of life. Hoping to raise much-needed cash to solve his dilemma, Menachem tries to persuade his former bandmates to reunite. But is a return to singing compatible with the tenets of his faith? Featuring mesmerizing musical performances, this pitched battle between religion and rock 'n' roll is a spiritually rousing story of self-fulfillment, and paternal and fraternal love, in the face of an existentia