Animated Expressions II



Green Hills Cinema - Theater 3 Fri, Apr 21, 2006
Shorts Program


Animated Expressions II 96 min. This second animation program features a wildly entertaining mix of meditative, atmospheric animation of all kinds. The Boy Who Feeds Cats (Craig & Andrea Brookes, Australia 2004, 10 min.) Leonard lives with his Aunt Althea in the suburb of Broken Gate. As a boy he lost his mother but never lost the hope that he would somehow find her again. Among Strangers (Naomi Wilson, Ireland 2005, 11 min.) Set on a beach in the 1920's, where a young boy sneaks into an old fisherman's hut. Based on a true story and told in drawings made of sand. Gate Keeper (Yen-Ting Chiang, Canada , 2 min.) An original story with Chinese Legend Style about a little girl's courage which leads her to another magic world. Orange Boy: “An Inquiry” (Hokwon Kim, USA 2005, 6 min.) A revenge story involing a man and some insects. Vitruvius' Toybox (Dennis Iannuzzi, USA 2005, 7 min.) Explore the relationship between motion graphic techniques, electronic music and the use of traditional graphic design ideas as a way of visually organizing an animated film. El Pagüey (Ramon Paris, Spain 2005, 4 min.) At the shores of the Pagüey River, Honorio hopelessly decides to leave his home due to severe and continuous rain, when an unexpected stream transforms his flight into a personal fight against the currents. Gestalt (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany 2003, 5 min.) 4-dimensional quaternionic fractuals are visualized by projecting into 3-dimensional space, in this mesmerizing short. America the Beautiful (John Cannizzaro, USA 2005, 7 min.) A dark satire of the history of the United States. Heavy Pockets (Sarah Cox, United Kingdom 2004, 6 min.) A girl loses her gravity. The Legend of the Scarecrow (Marco Besas, Spain 2005, 11 min.) The life of a Scarecrow changes radically when he decides to become friends with the birds. Magda (Chel White, USA 2004, 6 min.) A first love is corrupted as a man recalls his affair with a beautiful circus contortionist in a stop-motion animation of wooden mannequins. Phantom Canyon (Stacey Steers, USA 2006, 9 min.) A young woman encounters enormous insects and an alluring man with bat wings in a surreal recollection of a pivotal journey taken long ago. Reflection of Self (Becki Halloway, USA 2005, 4 min.) An experimental film exploring the process of portraiture. Through images and sound, the film explores the dual relationship of the artist as both creator and subject being observed. A Half Man (Firas Momani, Canada 2005, 5 min.) A half of a man has trouble living in a society without his orgrans falling out. Togtha (Alan Holly, Ireland 2004, 8 min.) The Irish word meaning both 'built' and 'taken', this film is about how urban development is frequently governed by financial profit, and not by what is best for the locality in question and its inhabitants.