Green Hills Cinema - Theater 3 Thu, Apr 20, 2006
Feature Narrative


Bal-Can-Can Macedonia/Italy 2005, 89 min. Macedonian, Italian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles DIR/SCR Darko Mitrevski EXEC PROD Loris Curci PROD Mitrevski, Alessandro Verdecchi, Gianluca Curti, Carlo Dusi CAM Suki Medencevic ED Giacobbe Gamberini MUS Kiril Dzajkovski CAST Vlado Jovanovski, Adolfo Margiotta, Zvezda Angelovska, Branko Uri, Seka Sablji Fast, fresh, funny and delightfully corrupt, this rollicking black comedy throbs with vitality as it follows a Macedonian and an Italian on a road trip through the Balkan criminal underworld in search of a stolen carpet containing the corpse of the Macedonian's mother-in-law. The two men take to the road from Bulgaria to Bosnia to Kosovo and points in between in search of granny, whose corpse seems to elude them as soon as they get within arms length of it. For the Macedonian, the poor cowardly loser Trendafil Karanfilov who is fleeing his home-town to avoid joining the local army, finding her also means saving his marriage and whatever honor he still has. Humor modulates from the surreal to the fantastic, yet as the film progresses and issues of Balkan identity come to the fore, the line between comedy and tragedy becomes exhilaratingly tangled. Bal-Can-Can takes truly unique dance steps through the emotional minefield of this region. Thursday, April 20, 7:30 PM Print Source: Robert Naskov Partysans 389-2 3130-392