Back to Bosnia



Green Hills Cinema - Theater 4 Fri, Apr 21, 2006
Documentary Feature


Back to Bosnia Na Put Kuci, u Tudjinu Bosnia-Herzegovina/USA 2005, 70 min. In Bosnian and English with English subtitles A film by Ali Hanson and Sabina Vajraca PROD Hanson, Vajrac CAM Damir Okanovic ED Ali Hanson MUS Jon Crider In Back to Bosnia, Sabina Vajraca unforgettably documents her family’s return to their homeland to reclaim the home that they were forced to abandon during the ethnic cleansing of the mid-90’s. The story of her country’s implosion unfolds through firsthand accounts from family members and neighbors as they describe the brutality and slaughter meant to destroy their people, along with several hundred years of their heritage and culture. The film conveys the stunning tension and necessarily-bridled outrage when her family, Bosnian Muslims, confronts the Serb family who took their home and have lived with the cast-out family’s possessions for nearly a decade. The palpable frustration derived from the injustice exacted by their own countrymen is vivid, and the film allows us to share the family’s heartbreak as another silent observer. Upfront and tender, Back to Bosnia provides a unique glimpse into Bosnia’s recent history that has by now been nearly forgotten by the West. —Thomas Graeve Preceded by The Tribe (Tiffany Schlain, USA 2005, 18 min.), an unorthodox, unauthorized history of the Jewish people and the Barbie doll. In Attendance: Ali Hanson and Sabina Vajraca Friday, April 21, 3:00 PM Print Source: Ali Hanson Alternate Plan Productions 646-283-0425