Mass Hysteria



Somerville Theatre - Screen 5 Thu, Apr 25, 2019 9:45 PM
Brattle Theatre Mon, Apr 29, 2019 9:30 PM
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Category:Narrative Feature
Premiere Status:World Premiere
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Director:Jeffrey Ryan & Arielle Cimino
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Expected to be in attendance: Director Jeff Ryan, Director Arielle Cimino, Producer Matt Perusse and Writer Jonathan T. Coleman

In modern-day Salem, MA, the city's long and bloody history has been reduced essentially to a Halloween theme park. The witch trials are a thing of the past, and dressing up like witches and wizards and getting wasted is the present. Tourists descend every October like a plague of locusts. They're not here to learn about colonial history. They're here to dress sexy and party hard. But not everyone is out to party. Our hero, Paige, and her misfit actor friends try to teach the true history of the witch trials every year the only way they know how: through local theater. Paige dreams of acting for audiences who actually care about the material, and she has one last show to perform before she moves to New York. As the accused "witch" in the play, Paige curses the audience of rowdy tourists. And one of them dies.

Drunk and out of control, the crowd is now convinced that Paige is a real witch. When more tourists die, the mob figures that the only way to stop it is to do what Salem's ancestors did: kill the witch. As the bodies pile up, Paige has no choice but to try to escape this night of MASS HYSTERIA.

YOUTHMIN (IFFBoston 2017 Audience Award winner) directors and former Salem residents Arielle Cimino and Jeffrey Ryan reteam with actress Geena Santiago (Paige) in this dark comedy.